Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weeks 14 & 15

Hmmm...A man hole in the grass. You don't see that in Oregon.

Hey everyone!

So sorry about last week! Time just slips away when you’re talking to family! 

Well this week has been pretty crazy! We spent 9 hours driving to and from Houston this week haha! Some very long car rides haha, but we had a lot of meetings with our mission president and a Spanish fireside we went to! We had some awesome lessons with our investigators and a few that are getting ready for Baptism! We have had some lessons that were just okay, but we made up for them! We also went tracting yesterday and found so many people including a member who has been inactive for a very, very long time.

Something awesome this week is we've been able to have a lot more confidence in ourselves in all that we do! We just realized no one is going to listen to our message if we don't have that energy that everyone wants!

Food…Something interesting that we ate this week was this gross fish soup, like wow, I've never tasted anything that bad. Let me be honest hahah, it had pickles and different soups and then shrimp and some kind of fish with bones still in it. Ummm… yeah and I got the biggest bowl, "Thanks elder Christensen!" Each sip was… yeah, just great haha.

Something that could have went better, was my 8 week review. All the people that came into the mission with me at the same time, we all went to Houston and had a special training. While there we also had an evaluation kind of thing hahah. Yeah, that could have gone better, but I've improved so much that it's still blowing my mind! I know that as we go through life that there's going to be ups and downs but the only thing we can do about them is make the best with what we got. We're supposed to have challenges for a reason and it’s to shape us into the person He wants us to be. How else are we going to learn and grow?

Thanks you all so much for listening and I can't wait to talk next week!!

Love Elder Tidwell

Us with the Birthday boy.

Just hanging at the Birthday party with our party hats on.

Everyone in my Zone.

All of us Elders in my Zone.

Fresh Mango anyone??

This is how we roll...Exchange adventure with Elder C.

A chair big enough for two!

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