Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 16 - Preparing for Tropical Storm Bill

Well hey everyone!!

Wow this week has been crazy to say the least! To start off, at the mall they have this store called Puppy Corral and they have a bunch of different breeds of pups, for 25 cents you can hold one for as long as you want! Yeah…I died when I saw this place hahah! What a stress reliever it was!

Weather…things have been hot and humid. Right now we are preparing for a tropical storm. Kind of crazy! We will be grabbing our survival kits and taking all of the necessary precautions so that we are prepared for whatever hits! I was hoping that we wouldn’t get much more rain. The locals say that with the heat and then a big rain, huge cockroaches make their way out. That does not sound exciting!

I went on an exchange with the AP Elder Barlow in The Woodlands. Can I just say lots of really nice cars and huge houses! I totally saw Beyonce's house, it was huge and on a lake. No, we didn't go knocking on her door haha. I was English speaking for another day when I was there but when it was over I was so glad I'm Spanish speaking hahah! 

Exciting news…we have three investigators who are getting baptized!! Crazy I'm so excited! We also have a wedding to help plan for a wonderful little family! This is going to happen this week! To top it off we were able to go to the temple with all three of them! We have these things called temple tours where we walk around the grounds and all the gardens and take pictures and they give little talks through the tour and our investigators loved it. Man, I love to see the temple. There's this spirit there that I really can't find anywhere else. When I enter into those gates it's like all the worries, all of the outside world drama is gone. The temple is such a special place to me, it's a place to find answers, feel the spirit and most of all get closer to my Heavenly Father. If you’re having a rough time the only thing i can say is just go, you'll find what you’re looking for there. 

Thanks again for checking in you guys, I really miss you all!

Love Elder Tidwell

On my exchange with Elder B.

A little bit of service.

This one is for my dad...some lunch at Golden Corral!

Reminds me of home for some reason.

A family we got to take on the temple tour.

One of our investigators at the temple!

I got to see this guy while at the temple. Me and Elder P!
Me and Elder C!
Just some car selfie fun with our guy!
Me and the temple!
One of my favorite places to be!

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