Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1st Week in the Field! - Bryan/College Station...A hard but good week!

Woohoo! Week 7!
      Things seem to be going well for Elder Tidwell.  He emailed yesterday morning and although he had over an hour, the computer seemed to be running slow while he was downloading pictures so it took up a lot of his time.  I would like to share a little more info from some emails and letters he sent that he didn't have time to include in his email below. 
       After arriving on Wednesday, they were greeted at the airport by their Mission President and his wife. They all went back to the mission house for orientation and a, "real Texas BBQ" for dinner. The next day they met their trainers and left for the areas they would be serving in.  Tristin was sent to Bryan/College Station...which is funny because he was actually hoping to serve there. He is in a nice apartment (his words) and so far the weather has been pretty mild. He said it's actually been pretty rainy (which, coming from Oregon is not a big deal). At this point he is in a car mission, which can change depending on location of his next transfer.  He was able to have dinner with a couple of families on 2 different nights and said it was really nice.  He is helping teach English classes, which  seems like a really neat experience! Even though things are going well, he said that this has been one of the hardest weeks of his life. He knows that there will be ups and downs and is trying to focus on the positives and is looking forward to settling into the groove of things.
       He seems good and loves the people he is serving with! I am looking forward to continued letters and emails as he serves! I absolutely love this boy!!

On the phone with my family before leaving for Texas!
Heading for the mission home!
Just off the plane!

Some real Texas BBQ for dinner!

My trainer, Elder Christensen!

Hey family and friends!!
On our way! College Station here I come!

Well it’s the first week out in the field! A little bumpy at first, but now that it’s Monday, it’s a new week and time to let things smooth out! The first day me and my companion taught an English class at one of the churches and it was so amazing just to be there helping out! My favorite thing that’s happened this week was probably quoting Disney movies with my companion, he loves Disney movies hahah.  But also just talking to families and knocking on peoples’ doors has been fun. Everyone here is super nice for the most part which is always an emotion booster!

My new district! I think I fit right in here! haha
Sunday (yesterday), was so great! We got to help out in primary (it’s Sunday school for kids) and be honorary teachers for the day! It is a little funny having to switch from English to Spanish all the time hahah… sometimes people talk only Spanish or they talk both and rather talk in English so it’s just getting used to it. :)

Things here have been pretty good for the most part; my companion and I get along really well with each other.  We have the same kind of standards and he has really helped me out a lot with some things which is so cool! The district I’m in is just a bunch of dorks which is exactly why I love them already hahah!!  I’d love to keep writing but I sure have to go! Thank you all so much for always being there and I’ll keep you posted on what happens next week!!    
Love y’all!    

 ~Elder Tidwell  

                 ***Here are some random pictures from when Elder Tidwell left the MTC and arrived in Texas!***

Me and Elder Samson the night before I left the MTC.

Saying goodbye the morning we left...Me and Elder McCardle.

Me and Elder Wilson
Elder Pigott and I...ready to go!
The whole group of us leaving the MTC headed for Houston!
Breakfast the morning of meeting our trainers.

At the mission home with Elder Pigott.
Waiting to meet our trainers!
Saying goodbye to Elder Pigott as we strike out with our trainers!
My home for the next 12 weeks!
Not to shabby! 
Until next week!! (P.S. Don't mind the root beer bottles in the window, left by the last Elders! haha)

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