Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 4 - Road Trip and Wisdom Teeth!

    Today, Elder Tidwell didn't have quite as much time to email. As he sat down to get online, the fire alarms went off and they had to exit the building. He said that there was some sort of fire, but as far as he knew, it was nothing serious. Along with that, he had some issues getting his pictures downloaded so it took more time than usual. He seems to be doing good and is looking forward to getting out into the mission field! Only 2 weeks left and he will be headed to Houston. 

Hey there guys!! 

I’m super crunched for time but I thought I’d write a quick little update!

Things are going great at the MTC! Haha I’m starting to get Spanish more and more every day!! My teachers really like the fact that I really try hard and speak Spanish all the time. Even when I don’t know the words I put myself out there and keep speaking it!  It’s crazy I only have two weeks left!! Man time flies!

Our little road trip...the one in the middle was our super cool driver Ben.
One day this last week,  my companion said his mouth was really hurting, so we went to the doctors at the MTC a few times and they told him he had to go to the dentist. Since he lives like 30 min. away they had him go back to his home town! We had someone drive us there who happened to be from Texas and gave us some good advice! My companion ended up having to call his mom and she came down and apparently he had to get his wisdom teeth out! It was so hard for him to see his mom again and all of his 6 sisters were there. I don’t know if I could have done that but he’s doing better! Haha. Other than that, not really much has happened that’s different.

On our way to the dentist.

Something I have loved, is that our teacher, Hermono Clark is so awesome! He just really knows how to teach us in the best ways and has such an awesome spirit about him. He’s by far my favorite teacher J haha!

Well, until next week, I love you guys!!
~Elder Tidwell

P.S. Here is a new phrase I learned in Spanish…
Pelota tan Fuerte (Ball so hard)!!
Ummm...Yes Elder P is tall...6'9" to be exact.

Hangin with Elder Hess.

Hermana Morre and Hermana Browning

Just being us...

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