Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 3 - A new district...shinsplints...time is flying by!

Hey there guys!

My week has been flying by!  Actually all the weeks have been! hahaha. It’s going by crazy fast!  We got a new district of all guys, two of which are going to Canada, two are going to California and the other four are going to Argentina! 

High point to my week was we had this super deep discussion in class that was really good. And… one of the investigators we were teaching was an ACTUAL investigator and said he would get baptized!! My companion and I were the first ones that he has ever said yes too! So you could say that it is pretty sweet!! Also we had one of the apostles talk in our devotional!! 

Something that has been tough… me and my companero (companion for you non Spanish speakers)  have had kind of a tough time finding a rhythm to both be on, but we're working on it and things are getting better!! Another thing is not being able to listen to my music! Hahah like some old school rap or R&B just sounds so good… but we can't listen to it here. It’s okay, I know the reason for that is important.  I still sing them in the hallways and in the room though!  Which ties into my favorite moment of the week…Elder Hess and I were singing regulators by Warren G in one of the rooms when Elder Wilson came in and started jamming out with us! No joke, one of the best things ever!! 

Something fun we did was, we had a huge group hackysack sesh!  It was so much fun! Another thing was just talking Spanish; I never give up even if what I’m saying is completely wrong. I keep talking Spanish well because that’s how I learn it best!! 

We have gym like 5 days out of the week and I usually play basketball the whole time or well pig with Hermana Morre and Elder Hess! I did end up with shinsplints last week. They definitely weren’t fun! Lots of ice after gym time and they are getting a better.

I wish I could write more but I’ll have to continue my stories next week! I love you all and thanks for the letters, emails, packages and support!!

-Elder Tidwell

Keeping that selfie game strong! haha
Just messing around!

My District and the new district.

Last picture with Josh and Natalya after devotional before they left the MTC.
Elder Hess and I

One of the newbies,Elder Wilson and I

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