Monday, March 2, 2015

First Letter and PDay!!....6 days in.

     Well, I will start off by saying, I was beyond excited when I checked the mail and there was a letter from Tristin!! He had written it his first day at the MTC and was fairly brief but said he was doing well. He also said his PDay would be Monday and gave a promise of pictures and more details on how it's going!! Yay!! That meant I would hear from him today. I am not going to lie...I checked my email every couple of minutes and was dying in anticipation to hear from him.

Here is what he emailed:

Hey Friends and Family!
     The first couple of days were pretty brutal and I almost fell asleep in one of my classes. When I was at lunch on Wednesday after I first got to the MTC, I walked by this hallway and there was Josh (Elder Stott)!!! It was so good to see him and just talk. My companion is Elder Pigott and I am in the same District as Gannon. Actually we share a room!!

     The biggest struggle of the week has definitely been getting used to not being able to talk to the fam all the time and just getting use to the language. Also the A district is leaving on Monday next's so hard because we've only known each other what, like three days and we've already became such a close family.My biggest concern since I got here has been like knowing enough to do it (be a missionary) but at the same time I know that because of the Spirit I've already been feeling and from the support of you guys and the gift of tongues I can make it through, and I'll be just what the people of Texas need.

         My biggest success of the week has definitely been getting to be with the awesome District I'm in and the help that they all give each other is amazing. Also just feeling the Spirit, it's been so strong its just unfathomable.
My most favorite person this week has definitely been Elder Hess! Or Elder Driggs he's the one with glasses I took the picture with in front of the Temple. They both are so funny and are just there for me when I just need someone to talk too.  

Well that's pretty much it, things are getting better but I really miss you guys and I can't wait to email even more next Monday!!

Glad to be going through this with a friend.
My Companion and I...
Elder Driggs and I.

My District

A and B District

Still has the photo from when his dad went into the Army for Basic Training.

Until next week...I'm out!

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