Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 60 - Worst P-day ever...

Hey guys!

Well this week’s been a slow one hah. On Monday… not going to lie probably the worst P-day ever hahah. Got cavities filled :/… my word of advice, just get them all fixed before you come out or right when they pop up! Hahah. For the remainder of the day we played water balloon volleyball and then did some contacting. Tuesday, we had English class and then family history training. Wednesday, we ate at the pastrana’s and they cooked us sopes made with haberno chillies haha, a little hot you could say. Later that day we tried the hottest sauce in the universe made with ghost peppers hahah!! Uh…Yeah! Thursday, we had English class and ate at the Salgado’s and had mole which was okay… :p hahah Friday, we ate at the qouaso’s and had pizza! Saturday, we went contacting in this super ghetto complex and contacted 41 people crazy sauce! We met this really, really awesome Cuban family!  Sunday was just a regular Sunday haha… all and all a pretty chill week. sorry not that many crazy stories…next week will sure blow your socks off hahah :) As many of you probably have heard we are having some crazy flooding today!

~Elder Tidwell

Hottest Sauce in the Universe!

Me and Elder Corn

At the dentist visiting with the nice lady on the wall...

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