Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 59 - The Adventures of Bonzi and T-Diddy...

Banzi and T-Diddy...

The Aventures of Bonzi and T-Diddy…

Well you’re probably wondering what the title is about… I'll explain a little later hah. So my week started with Water balloon fights and we went to do some contacting and visited a few families. Tuesday we had English class at the school which was so much fun hahah :) Then we had family history training for a while. After that the elders of H 10 needed to go get a new car so we went with them but it took like 4 hours to finally get the car! Hah Then we went on exchanges, Elder Cabrera came with me and we did some contacting and tried to visit a few members. Wednesday we exchanged back and had interviews with our mission president which went really, really good! Thursday we went to H10 and did some weekly planning with them and then went on another exchange. Then Friday we had district meeting and then went on another exchange! Whoa! A ton of exchanges this week! I went to Elder Banzo’s area with him and we started our day off with some wonderful contacting. We passed this group outside and didn't think anything of it but then decided we would go say hi and invite them. Brent, Kevin, Suzy and Sarah were their names and they were awesome hahah! We invited them to do some family history and then just chat with them for a while. We got to the end and I was just like, can I take a picture with you guys?? I have to tell my family and friends about you so I did hahah! While we were talking to them Brent gave me and Elder Banzo nicknames, Banzi and T-Diddy hahah! So there's that! They were blown away with some of the things we do as missionaries hah! They also told us we were probably the coolest LDS cats they have ever met hahah! Definitely made me feel pretty good hahah ;) Saturday was a good day…we had to do our weekly planning and then had some appointments going on and found these super awesome ghetto apartment complexes! Like I'll have to take pictures hahah.

Well that's pretty much all for this week love you guys!
Elder Tidwell

Got myself some Dinosaur Oatmeal!

Us and D!

Me and Elder Bonzo!

On the exchange with Elder Cabrerra...


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