Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 10 - Football...Deep Fried Cheese...Patience

Well, this week I have just a little bit more time to write!! This past week has gone by so fast! Last Monday I got to play basketball for the first time since I was in the MTC. Man I’m out of shape! :P Tuesday, I went on an exchange in Huntsville and we got to play football with these college kids. The field was soaked with mud so we got a little dirty but it was a blast! Wednesday, was just a regular day but Thursday, we had interviews and training with our mission president!! That was really good to see him and learn some new ways for planning and such. Friday, yet again was just another day but we met this family and taught them the first lesson and it went so good we've gone back every day because they just want to know more and more! 

Something that’s been really hard this week is the language and patience... I need to have a lot more patience with myself when I’m learning the language because just getting frustrated isn't helping at all hahah. Something that has been going really well lately has been always staying positive.  Like I've just seemed to always have this smile on my face which seriously is so amazing I love it! My favorite food this week was probably these burritos we had with rice from this one family, seriously so good!! The weirdest and grossest thing was deep fried cheese..... Yeah it was really gross hahahah. My companion told me they were going to be super good, so I grabbed 2 not knowing what they were and I couldn't even finish one of them.... hahah !
            We are having a zone conference this week and one pair of companions will have to give a talk, I say it’s going to be me and my comp. but you never know! Also this week I’ll be doing my first exchange where I’m the first one in my area so that shall be fun! That means, I will stay and someone will come to my area. It will be with Elder Spragg! He’s from Salem, OR so he knows what’s up hahah!! Alright, I gots to go… so I’ll talk to you all next week!!

Love Elder Tidwell
Elder Sarono and Elder Corn...who I went on my exchange with!

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