Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 30 - Amazing Race and saying goodbye....

My team...

Hey guys!

So this week’s been super fun and kind of bitter sweet also though.. At the starting of the week we made pizza again which let me tell you, this one was way better than the last one! Hahah then we visited some families throughout the week and we set 2 baptismal dates! So we're really excited for that! Wednesday we ate at the O’s house and like always it was a blast and we had some mean banana milkshakes! Then Thursday we ate out with Deroy at this Mexican place but when I walked in, the owner started making fun of me hahah or well he was calling me like lazy boy or white boy.  I was just like wait what the heck?! So I was like well ha ha ha , joke’s on him I'm going to get a cheese burger at a Mexican joint and he was like man this ain't no Burger King  or Whataburger.... And then said he was joking. Needless to say we had the last laugh when we just got up and left hahah, jk but seriously we're never going back there again! :p  

On Saturday, the English speaking elders had a baptism and we got to help out with that and it went really good! Then afterwards we had an activity with the ysa or young single adults and that was so much fun! The theme was, The Amazing Race and when we split into teams and got the paper we hopped into the car to head out.The only problem was, my team and I went to the last destination first so we started out in last hahah. We ended up taking second place! We had to find the prophet or the guy in the woods and then find a Ginny hen and catch it in a net for ten extra points and I finally got it after like a half an hour of trying, those suckers are fast!

Overall it was a pretty fun week but then we had transfer calls last night and we found out Elder Jorquera is leaving. That was probably the hardest part of my week, I think Elder Jorquera has been the first companion I've ever really been able to open up to and not feel like I was going to be judged, or even just  have anything sugar coated hahah. He's changed my life so much and it's something I won't ever be able to repay him for. He's done more then he'll ever know. Thanks for all the fun and being able to become who I really am. It really is times like this when I think, "I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them." See you in 2k17 Elder J it's been fun.

Thanks for checking in guys love ya!
~Elder Tidwell

Hanging at the O's house.

Does this really need a caption??? Kinda speaks for itself!

Amazing Race...caught that Ginny hen
Took 2nd!

One of my team mates...holding that pesky hen.
Last day with Elder J! 

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